Rheem gas hot water heaters are among the most reliable water heating systems you could find on the market. However, just like with all other brands and home utility systems out there, it can come with issues. Fortunately, they can be easy to deal with and with the right approach, these issues can also be avoided. Your best option of course is having access to reliable Rheem hot water service providers.

With that said, it is worth noting that as far as common water heater issues go, Rheem has gone to great lengths to alleviate and prevent most of them. That’s why the brand has been so popular in the first place.

The heaters they produce are of the highest quality out there and also require minimal maintenance. Still, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require any tender love and care, at all. It’s just that they just don’t need it as often as other brands in the market.

That said, here are the common issues you need to look out for if you own a Rheem Gas Hot Water Heating System.

Inconsistent Temperature

During your Rheem gas hot water heater’s normal operation, it should be able to maintain the temperature that you want and should stay that way until you change it to a different setting. If it keeps on getting hotter or colder for no reason, this means that there’s something wrong.

More importantly, temperature fluctuations can pose a danger to you. Just imagine getting splashed with scalding hot water when you were expecting something a little milder. That would cause injuries if you’re not careful.

If this is happening, you can have the temperature control valve checked. This part of your Rheem gas heater is supposed to limit how hot the water you get can become. It’s both a convenience and safety feature.

Any problems with your unit should be examined and fixed right away. So, be sure to contact professional Rheem gas hot water system repairs services to get the job done as soon as possible.

Water Is Not Hot

On the other side of the spectrum in terms of temperature issues, if the water you’re getting is cold or isn’t as high as you were expecting, there are a few things that could be wrong with it. 


Are you getting the right water temperature from your Rheem Gas Hot Water Heater? If not, there’s probably an energy transfer problem.

The first is a malfunction with the gas heater itself. It could be the fact that there’s an issue with the amount of energy being transferred. It could also have something to do with the temperature control not aligning with your intended temperature.

Both cases require a check up and if necessary, repairs done by professional Rheem hot water service providers. Fortunately, this typically won’t happen until the heater has been in use for many years.

Pressure Relief Valve Issues

As with any heaters, Rheem’s also sees its units having a constant stream of pressure being exerted throughout the system. As such, a pressure relief valve is needed to alleviate some of the excess ones. If this particular valve is malfunctioning, it could lead to all kinds of issues from leaks and even ones that present more risks.

The pressure relief valve works by basically allowing a small amount of water to be released when turned. However, this should only happen when and as you want it to. It should certainly not be leaking when there is no need to relieve the pressure.

Now, there could be a few reasons why this would be happening. The first is an improperly installed pressure relief valve, which tends to happen if the installation isn’t done by a professional. Another reason is of course regular wear and tear. If the system has been in use for a long time without regular maintenance, it’s only natural that it would break down.

Fortunately, you can address this by contacting professional Rheem gas hot water system repair providers.

Water Leaks

There’s no cause for worry if you spot any condensation on your gas heater as it is running, especially in an enclosed space, that’s fine. That’s supposed to happen.


While there are methods you can take to ensure your Rheem Hot Water Heater stays in tip top condition, it is always recommended to consult an experienced technician, just to be on the safe side.

If, however, a steady stream of water is leaking out of your Rheem gas hot water heater, you should have that looked at right away. Don’t try to do anything about it on your own since this could lead to more problems later.

This is especially true if there is more than one source for the leak. A professional Rheem hot water service provider will be able to spot the problem faster and with more accuracy. They’ll also be able to fix it with longer results.

Gas Leaks

Rheem gas hot water heaters should always have its fuel source contained and properly directed. If it doesn’t, it might start leaking and this could spell trouble for you. 

You can typically spot a gas leak by the smell that it’s giving off. Regularly checking on your heater would be recommended, especially if it hasn’t been used in quite some time. 

Even if you only suspect that your heater is leaking gas, call a professional right away. This is not something that you should attempt to fix on your own unless you have extensive experience and training in doing so. Even then, a professional who is quite familiar with Rheem gas hot water heaters would still do it better and be a lot safer.

Problems with the Pilot Light

The pilot light is what will essentially ignite the gas that’s being funnelled into your Rheem gas hot water heater to heat up the water. If it’s not working, the gas won’t be lit and you won’t get hot water.

If the water that you’re getting isn’t at the temperature you expected, turn off your heater and check on the pilot light. You could then try to ignite it while maintaining a safe distance. If it doesn’t light up after a few seconds, it’s time to call in some help. 

Even if you already know that the pilot light isn’t working, this doesn’t mean that you already know the root cause of the issue. It could be anything from blockage to an issue with the gas line.



To sum it all up, Rheem makes some of the best gas water heater units in the market. They are reliable, efficient, and excellent at their jobs. However, like any other product you can buy, they will have problems if you don’t take the necessary steps to take care of them. 

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