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Having ready access to hot water is one of the most important developments in modern standards of living. It represents advancements in society and every home in Melbourne needs one. Likewise, a good gas heater service provider is also crucial.

A reliable hot water system is particularly important during the winter months since the weather can get quite chilly. It will help with everything from doing the dishes to taking a nice soak in the bath.

When your hot water heater starts to malfunction or break down, it can be quite an inconvenience.

All of a sudden, you lose access to the hot water you depend on and it becomes unreliable.

At Service It, we have experts in servicing gas heaters who will ensure you will always have access to hot water. Our team of professionals have high levels of expertise when it comes to installation, clean up, maintenance and repair of heating systems.

Whenever you need our services, contact us at Service It and we will accommodate your needs.

Why Hot Water Systems are Necessary

It is a common misconception that hot water systems are a luxury, and should be available only to those who can afford them. This is not the case, though. Especially during the winter season. In a lot of ways, having ready access to hot water becomes a necessity.

So, by extension, gas heater servicing is also a necessity.

There is of course the fact that hot water can make your life so much more convenient, for starters. Dishwashing becomes a breeze, stubborn dirt on surfaces becomes easier to clean and hard to remove stains are easier to wash off from clothes.

These different advantages of having a hot water system at home culminate in helping reduce the stress that you deal with every day. As a result, you’ll have a better, more relaxing, and less frustrating home life that frees you up to do the things you’d rather be doing.

Why Hot Water Systems Need Maintenance

It is of course expected that any kind of home appliance – even one as sophisticated as a heating system will eventually accumulate stains and grime during regular usage.

With Service It’s experts servicing your gas heaters through regular maintenance and inspection, you can ensure that there would be no interruption with the hot water delivery system that you are using.

This is particularly important for gas water heating systems due to how it stores your hot water in tanks. You need that water to be clean and safe to use all the time, which of course can be done with regular cleaning.

Having your hot water systems inspected by experts will also prove to be a major advantage for you since they can find issues that others would miss and address them as needed.

You can have these inspections and maintenance steps done annually to cover your bases and make sure that any issues that come up are dealt with immediately. Of course, as your water heating system becomes older, it is of course an expectation that it will need shorter intervals of inspections until you replace it eventually.

So, be sure to avail of our expert gas heater services in Melbourne as soon as possible.

Advantages of Gas Water Heating Systems

There are two main categories of water heating systems. One is electric and the other is gas. While both have equal sets of advantages and disadvantages, the latter does come with some additional appealing incentives.

For starters, gas water heating systems tend to be cheaper in pricing and are more energy-efficient. Due to this, they can also be quite beneficial to the environment as it produces less greenhouse gas.

If you are concerned about your everyday activities having an environmental impact, then this is a major boon. On top of that, hot water is more readily available with this option.

The water is already there, heated and ready for you to use at any time. There would be no need for you to wait on the heating system to wake up and start the process, which could take quite some time.

When to Call For Hot Water System Repair and Servicing

Knowing when to call for a professional provider of gas heater service to maintain, repair, clean, or if you just bought a new one, install your water heating system is important. During these regular inspection periods, experts should be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done.

Depending on the factors that need to be repaired as well as how old your unit already is, then you might need to schedule maintenance anywhere from once every two months up to every five to six years. The brand, make, and model of your heating system will definitely be a factor as well.

If your heater is newly installed, on the other hand, there should be no need to have it inspected for at least two years.

for the best hot water servicing and repairs, contact service it to fulfill their needs


At Service It, we have a highly competent team of professionals that is more than capable of handling any kind of water heating service and repair job. Having only your most trusted experts servicing gas heaters for both residential and commercial properties only makes sense.

Our familiarity with the different brands of heating and cooling systems in Melbourne also allows us to handle them as needed. Different brands can have different components and specialised repair or maintenance requirements. We can provide that.

On top of our reasonable rates, we can also ensure that maintaining a reliable water heating system will not cost you an arm and a leg. We take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I replace my water heating system?

There is no specific time frame for replacing water heating systems, but there are telltale signs you can watch out for such as: Severe cases of rust, loud noises, substantial leaks, and the inability to heat water to acceptable levels are among the most notable. Once those signs set in, it’s time to replace your heating system.

Can I install my water heating system on my own?

With the right tools, expertise, knowledge, and prior experience, then yes. Otherwise, we would highly recommend that you turn to a licensed professional for your safety and convenience.

Are There Legal Requirements to Install Water Tanks in Melbourne?

There are no legal requirements for this, however, there are regulations with regards to what you do with the hot water system. For example, the water temperature should not be below 60ºC while in the tank. At the same time, it should not exceed 50ºC when it flows out of the tap.

What brands of water heating systems are available in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, among the brands that are relevant to hot water systems are Bonaire, Breezair, and Brivis. The systems themselves can be purchased via resellers, direct shopping, or through the internet.

Are there restrictions when installing water heating systems?

There are, but the most important is that installing a gas water heating system requires a license for the professional doing it. All of our experts are licensed and have the necessary experience to install such systems efficiently and safely.

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