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What Is A Home Evaporative Cooler System?

There are many types of cooling systems that are available to modern households. The most common of them are traditional AC units that unfortunately produce a lot of greenhouse gases. This is where alternatives like a good evaporative cooling system can be considered the superior choice.

Not only can excellent evaporative coolers provide an astounding level of comfort in homes during the sweltering months, but they also do so in an environmentally friendly way.

As the name might suggest, it works on the principle of evaporation. Water is channelled through the system and turned into vapour, which will then mix with the ambient air of the home. It will then mix with the air molecules, thus making it heavier and reducing temperatures to comfortable levels.

Unlike traditional AC units, evaporative cooling systems are not meant to reverse ambient temperatures at drastic levels. The goal is to simply make sure that the room where the cooling is taking effect will not be stifling to the point of being uncomfortable.

During the summer months, even the best-insulated homes can feel like an oven. By having Service IT install an evaporative cooler system in your home, this will not be the case.


Evaporative Cooler Installation Services

The installation of an evaporative cooler system in any home is no small job. It will require the expert services of professional technicians in order to do it right. So many things could go wrong if the one to install an evaporative cooling system is inept or careless. It could result in more breakdowns, which would then result in more repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

Instead of saving money from not having to pay for installation services, the costs could be even higher thanks to the accumulative expenses. That would be counterproductive.

This is why it would be highly advisable to use the skilled personnel of Service IT to install your evaporative cooler system.

Not only will this ensure that the evaporative cooling system will be installed correctly, but it will also result in the following benefits:

  • Efficient and fast installation
  • Fewer errors in installation and cleanup
  • Reduced requirement for maintenance, repairs, and replacements
  • Accessible resource for practical knowledge on the maintenance and correct usage of evaporative coolers
  • Ready connection with professionals who can be called on during emergencies

More often than not, engaging the services of professional heating and cooling installation specialists is more than just about those services.

Leave it to the Professionals

Professional service providers can get the job done quickly, cleanly, and error-free. However, their role doesn’t end there. Throughout the life of the evaporative cooling system, there will be a need for their service.

It would be to your benefit if you have one good service provider to turn to if your cooler needs maintenance, cleaning, or repairs. You have already seen the quality of their work, so there’s no need to waste time and risk getting lesser results in the hopes of saving money.

There is also the fact that a professional evaporative cooler system installation service that you already engaged with would be easier to contact if things go wrong. You already built some familiarity with the service provider and can comfortably ask any questions or bring up any concerns you might have.


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 Experts in the Installation and Service of the Following Brands


Bonaire SBB Evap Cooler Series

Includes Controller, Weather Seal and Water Management System

Bonaire SBB800 | Bonaire SBB950 | Bonaire SBB1200


Bonaire Integra II Evap Cooler Series

Includes Navigator Controller, Weather Seal and Water Management System

Bonaire VSS55 | Bonaire VSS50-55 | Bonaire VSM65 | Bonaire VSM60-65 | Bonaire VSL75 | Bonaire VSL70-75


Brivis Promina Series

Includes Networker Controller, Weather Seal and Water Management System

Brivis P36 Promina | Brivis P46 Promina | Brivis P56 Promina | Brivis P66 Promina | Brivis P76 Promina


Brivis Contour Series

Includes Networker Controller, Weather Seal and Water Management System

Brivis L36 Contour | Brivis L46 Contour | Brivis L56 Contour | Brivis L66 Contour | Brivis L76 Contour


Braemar LCQ Evap Cooler Series

Includes Weather Seal and Water Management System

Braemar LCQ350 | Braemar LCQ450 | Braemar LCQ550


Braemar LCQI Evap Cooler Series

Includes MagIQTouch Controller, Weather Seal and Water Management System

Braemar LCQI250 | Braemar LCQI350 | Braemar LCQI450 | Braemar LCQI550


Coolair CPQ Series

Includes Controller, Weather Seal and Water Management System

Coolair CPQ450 | Coolair CPQ700 | Coolair CPQ850 | Coolair CPQ1100

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Why Service It Is The Best Choice For Evaporative Cooler Installations In Melbourne?

Service IT is the top provider of evaporative cooler installation services in Melbourne. We can provide the very best in not only installing but also in maintaining, cleaning, and repairing evaporative cooling systems. Our team of professional technicians are certified, trained, and experienced in handling any type of heating and cooling system.

This allows us to service evaporative coolers of any brand with ease and you can be confident that we will know what we are doing. Many other service providers can make mistakes in installing coolers that they are unfamiliar with. This can lead to performance issues where the machine doesn’t function to its optimum capability.

Service IT, on the other hand, can guarantee that every single installation will be done with utmost care and expertise. Our excellent grasp of the intricacies in the various models of different evaporative cooling systems allows us to service them with precision and competence.

We can also get the job done quickly and efficiently. We know how valuable time is for our clients and so we endeavour to save as much of it as possible. Our rates are also some of the best in the market and our quotes are reliably accurate.

For more information on what services we provide, be sure to Contact Us Today

We can answer all of your questions and provide clarifications to help you make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need evaporative cooling systems?

If you want an environmentally friendly, efficient, and reliable cooling system, then yes. A good evaporative cooling system can save you a lot of money while keeping you comfortable even during the hottest of summers.

Are evaporative cooling systems better than AC units?

If all you want is to stay in a relatively comfortable home where you’re not melting with the heat, an evaporative cooling system would be an excellent choice. It won’t provide that almost arctic condition that an AC unit has, but it’s also a lot more cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Can I install an evaporative cooling system myself?

It would be highly ill-advised to do this if you don’t have the necessary equipment and expertise. Service IT technicians are trained and experienced in installing a wide range of cooling and heating systems to ensure that they are done right.

Can I maintain or repair my evaporative cooling system?

As with the installation issue, the repair or maintenance of evaporative cooling systems should be left up to professionals. This will ensure not only that the job is done correctly but also that there are no additional damages done to the system.

When should I replace my old evaporative cooler?

Generally speaking, evaporative cooling systems should be replaced if they start breaking down more than twice a year. Repairs can become too costly at that point and replacing the system might just be cheaper in the long run.

Important Note From Service IT

Evaporative Cooling Systems need to be installed by licensed professionals who have the necessary experience and training to do the job right. Qualified technicians have the skills necessary to install the evaporative cooling unit safely and without the risk of damaging the hardware. 

It is also recommended to have evaporative cooling systems serviced and maintained regularly every 2 years.

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