Australia can get really hot – we don’t need to tell you that. Especially during the summer months, which is why reliable cooling systems are a must. In a lot of households, evaporative coolers are now a common sight and for good reason. They can be highly efficient, incredibly effective, and are super friendly to the environment.

With that said, not all evaporative coolers are made the same. 

Some will inevitably be better than others for a few reasons, which you will want to keep in mind when shopping around. There are evaporative cooler brands, in particular, that produce better cooling systems than most. This is due to the qualities noted below.


The efficient consumption of power is one of the most notable properties of evaporative coolers, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular in Australia. You can still enjoy relaxing at home even when it’s sweltering outside without worrying about high electricity bills. 

Wattage is a fair gauge to determine how efficient the evaporative cooler is going to be. However, you also have to consider how well it will suit your needs. Coolers with lower wattages might not be enough for the space you want to cool, for example.

Standard Features

When shopping for an evaporative cooler, there are a few features that they should already have. Due to varying designs, builds, and price points, there will be some differences. However, it’s worth looking out for them anyway.


A detachable water tank, for example, is a noteworthy feature. It should make the tank easier to refill and clean. You might also want an evaporative cooler that has an oscillating feature so that it can more evenly distribute the water particles. 

Area Effect Size

One of the most important aspects of shopping for an evaporative cooler is the amount of space it can cool. The bigger the room, the higher the requirement will be. It doesn’t always come down to power, either. The cooler’s design, size, and positioning would also matter.

Water Capacity

Your evaporative cooler’s water tank capacity will dictate how long you will be using it before having to refill it. This is important since water tanks that are too small will need to be refilled more often and can then increase waste in terms of water and energy. On the other hand, some tanks might just be a tad too big for your needs.

Top Evaporative Cooler Brands in Australia

There are three evaporative cooler brands in Australia that have continued to stand out from the rest over the years. The cooling systems they produce have even been recognized in other countries due to their quality and cooling capabilities. 

Listed in no particular order, these are:

Bonaire Pinnacle. This brand is based in Australia and its products are also manufactured in the country. Bonaire is one of the top providers of evaporative coolers in the market thanks to its efficient systems and the numerous innovations it produced in the industry. 

The evaporative coolers that Bonaire manufactures are specifically designed to combat the heat that is typically found in Australia. This means that regardless of where they are used, they will be able to provide adequate cooling.


Their Pinnacle line of evaporative coolers is particularly effective at lowering temperatures at optimal efficiency. They use ImPress® Motor Technology to achieve this, which can grant up to 40% in electricity bill reduction, depending on use.

Evaporative coolers made with this technology are also excellent at purifying the air in homes. A lot of this is thanks to the CELdek filter pads that they come with, which are 120mm thick. When paired with the advanced humidity control systems that the coolers are equipped with, the pads are moistened as needed.

In terms of airflow, the Hushwing™ Fan Design allows for maximum air distribution and cooling throughout large areas. In addition, these coolers come with sensors to indicate when the water in tanks need to be replaced and they are even self-cleaning.

Braemar Supercool. Just as with Bonaire, the evaporative coolers that Braemar makes are meant to deal with the punishing heat that Australians often have to deal with. Their Supercool lineup is particularly adept at this thanks to the water pumps made via Tornado® technology.

This makes the water pumps incredibly durable and effective even with the relatively extreme heat in Australia. As such, Braemar’s Supercool evaporative coolers are 25% more effective at cooling compared to the average products in the market. The Stealth® Fan also helps with this thanks to its design, which makes the most of advanced aerodynamic properties.

These evaporative coolers come with Long-life Chillcel® pads, which come with optimum water absorption qualities that maximise the systems’ cooling performance. They are also self-cleaning, which helps prevent the build-up of dust or pollen.

When the evaporative coolers are not in use, the water can be automatically drained.  This helps stop the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, as well as extends the lifespan of the cooling pads.


Brivis Promina – With a rich history of providing innovative products for more than 50 years, Brivis can add another ribbon to its collection with its Promina evaporative coolers. One of its most noteworthy features is its more compact design, which helps make it stand out less.

The company’s units come equipped with excellent management systems for water usage. This then reduces the amount of water wasted when it is cooling a given space. The fans are also designed to be as quiet as possible while still maximising the airflow.

The cooling pads of these evaporative coolers can be 130mm thick. This guarantees air purity and freshness. 

For the control system, Promina evaporative coolers can be set for precooling, which moistens the cooling pads before use. The coolers can also be operated either manually or automatically, depending on your preference.



There are numerous brands that produce evaporative coolers in Australia. However, the manufacturers listed here have proven multiple times that they are at the top for a reason. Whether it’s through efficiency, cooling power, innovative technologies, and more. 

At Service It, we know a thing or two about evaporative coolers as we specialise in the repair and installation of them. If you are looking to install an evaporative cooler in Melbourne when you finally select the one you’d like to, reach out to us to see if we can help. 

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