Summers in Australia can be sweltering and no one wants to spend their time at home sweating buckets. This is where evaporative cooling systems come in. With this efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective cooling solution, staying home can be the most relaxing thing you can do.

With an evaporative cooler, sweltering Australian summers become a thing of the past.

So, is it worth having such a cooling system to make your home more comfortable? Absolutely! If you need more convincing, here are a few things about evaporative coolers that are worth knowing.

How Do Evaporative Coolers Work?

Evaporative coolers basically work by adding more water vapours into the air. Water is fed into the cooler, which then evaporates it. The water vapour is then breathed out, which binds with air molecules. When this happens, the air is cooled and the temperature evens out to comfortable levels. 


These cooling systems achieve this without directly expelling cold air as air conditioners would. As such, it’s not prone to the same issues such as bad odour or the occasional infestation of pests and insects. It will also not be susceptible to icing, which can occur if air conditioners are allowed to run for too long.

As a result, you can run evaporative coolers all day, every day without worrying about those issues. You can also count on the performance not to drop as long as the unit is properly and regularly maintained. 

Perfectly Balanced

Other cooling systems focus on lowering the temperature in an enclosed space using frigid air. This can result in less heat, but it also sometimes involves a nasty smell, a room that’s too cold, and can even lower the immune system. This can offset the benefits of such a system even without mentioning how bad it can be for the environment and the electric bills.

In comparison, evaporative cooling systems are not about fighting against heat as much as it is about removing it. The temperature would reach comfortable levels without it being too cold and without the enormous amount of energy required to do so. It’s a natural process that will be relaxing without it resulting in another issue.

Highly Efficient

Evaporative coolers are among the most efficient climate control options available. As already mentioned it requires less energy to achieve the cooling effect that it has on areas. This makes it the better choice as far as the cost-to-effect ratio is concerned. Aside from that, the efficiency aspect is also helpful in energy usage, which makes it a socially responsible choice.

Efficiency is also something that needs to be supported, especially with the current issues surrounding climate issues. There is never enough effort put into the reduction of carbon footprint when combating these issues. So, not only will using evaporative coolers keep you happy, but it will also be your contribution to the current movement for sustainability.

Environmentally Responsible

One of the best side effects of the efficiency of evaporative cooling systems is how low their carbon footprints are. This means less damage to the environment while still providing you with the environmental cooling that you need. That’s a win for all sides and is well worth the investment that goes into installing an evaporative cooler.

This is a major advantage for those who want to use evaporative coolers as often as possible, too. There’s no need to feel guilty about doing so when you know that it doesn’t harm the environment as much as other types of coolers do. It’s also worth noting that it can be a good way to make your home more environmentally friendly than it already is.

Easy to Maintain

Evaporative coolers are much easier to maintain than other types of climate control systems because they have fewer parts. This means that they don’t come with the same complex and sensitive contraptions that might have made them more brittle. As a result, they will last longer and won’t come with as much cost in terms of repair and maintenance.

More to the point, you will be able to enjoy the features of your evaporative cooler for much longer. You don’t want your cooling system constantly breaking down, especially during the sweltering Australian summer heat. You can rely on your evaporative cooler to help make your stay at your own home the most relaxing it can be for as long as possible.


Last but not least, evaporative coolers are simply cheaper to get, install, use, maintain, repair, and replace. The efficiency that they are known for allows them to eat up less power, thus lowering the cost of operating them. This makes it cheaper to keep running all day long, which cannot be said for other types of cooling systems.



When the evaporative cooler eventually breaks down, it can be repaired rather easily. If it’s too old to keep, then you can have it replaced without too much trouble. You can even do some small cleaning and maintenance stuff on your own so that you don’t have to worry about the stacking costs. At the end of the day, keeping this kind of system is better for your health and your wallet.


Evaporative coolers make the most sense as a cooling option if you only want to be comfortable during the summer heat. If you have no need to actually simulate the more frigid conditions of colder areas, there’s no need to subject yourself to the disadvantages that such options bring. Evaporative cooling systems are cheaper, more efficient, easier to maintain, and much better for the environment.

There is hardly any reason not to go with them if you are going to spend a lot of time at home, away from the hot outdoors. More to the point, it’s much better for your health if you don’t keep breathing in the air coming from air conditioning units, in the first place. With so many advantages going for it, evaporative coolers simply make the most sense. 

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