Although it can seem like a hassle, it is vital to have gas appliances receive regular servicing. Health and safety is the most important reason for regular servicing of your gas appliances. However, there are plenty of other benefits. Aside from keeping your loved ones safe, servicing will maintain the efficiency of your appliances and catch any problems early on.

Keep Your Environment Safe and Healthy

Gas leaks, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning are some common dangers of gas utilisation. According to a report by Energy Safe Victoria 2018-2019, there were a total of 16 gas related injuries including nine injuries related to carbon monoxide exposure and five people died due to gas and electrical faults. This number of incidents is unacceptable as all were preventable. Regular servicing of gas appliances and community awareness will ensure everyone’s safety by minimising the risk of dangerous incidents.

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Testing

If they aren’t well-maintained, gas-fuelled appliances can leak carbon monoxide. The issue with these leaks is that carbon monoxide is hard to detect. It has no smell and cannot be seen. Inhalation of carbon monoxide results in carbon monoxide poisoning. This condition prevents the spread of oxygen throughout the body, causing dizziness, headache, weakness, confusion, chest pain, and upset stomach. At worst, carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. 

Regular servicing will help prevent these leaks, but it’s also important to have a carbon monoxide alarm. Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home is an easy way to keep you safe.


Maintain the Efficiency of Your Appliances

Gas appliances work most efficiently when they’re new. Unfortunately, this efficiency will drop over time. And when an appliance loses its efficiency, it will start requiring more energy to produce the same outcome. In the case of gas-fuelled appliances, that will mean more money spent on gas. Regular servicing helps to maintain their efficiency, saving you more money in the long term.

Detect Issues Before They Become a Problem

Regular servicing of your gas appliances will help you identify issues early. These issues could include damaged hoses and connections, obstructed or decayed gas lines, and small gas leaks that could cause major fire outbreaks. Any appliance can develop minor issues that you may not detect on your own. These small issues can grow into bigger and more costly problems when left undetected and unattended.

Set Up Your Regular Servicing Today

Gas appliances have many benefits. You’re able to cook with them even during a power outage. They save you money by reducing your electricity costs. They also heat up your water and keep you warm in the winter. Regular servicing from professionals is vital to ensuring these appliances are safe and in good working condition.

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